Walking Is For The Cool

Okay, so maybe the title to this blog is an obscure reference to a song that only one of our loyal readers,  Michael Walker from Thorne Smith Blog might get…but it’s true, walking is a cool thing to do.  As I’m writing this thoughts of the late, great comedian Bill Hicks come into my mind and if he were alive I’m sure he would be laughing at this post and saying, “Walking, isn’t that pretty standard in a bi-ped?  Left foot, right foot, repeat.”  

Yes, walking is pretty standard in a bi-ped but you’d be amazed at how many people try to get out of doing it.  People will take an elevator (to go up one floor), they will take an escalator to avoid walking up stairs, and they will loop around the parking lot of the grocery store for five minutes (or longer)  just to park a couple of feet closer to the entrance.   

Actually, the grocery store is a great place to start getting in some walking.  It’s as simple as this…take the parking spot that is as far away from the entrance to the store as possible.  Do this wherever your errands take you to…the mall, hairstylist, the bank, etc.  Before you know you will be getting in more and more walking. 

At the grocery store one way that you can easily get in more walking is by returning your shopping cart.  Never just leave your shopping cart next to your car and drive off.  Take the extra two minutes (or less) to return your cart back into the store…you’ll be doing your body good.

Please Return Your Shopping Cart For Better Health

Yours In Health!
G.E. Moon II

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24 Responses to “Walking Is For The Cool”

  1. Gary,
    Walking is of great benefit to the body. I also I have read about walking meditation, where the body is active, but the mind goes into altered state. On the treadmill walking is much easier on the joints and with more inclination can produce the same results as running.

  2. We need to walk 10,000 steps for health and all the little steps, like taking your cart back, add to that total. I try to find ways to get more steps in and I always take my cart back.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy

  3. Gary, those are great – and easy – suggestions for getting more walking into our lives without taking extra time, thanks!

    It’s ecofriendly to use reusable shopping bags, but what about bacteria?

  4. Such a great post! I always find it funny when people drive around to find a closer parking space. They could have been in the intended destination by the time they wait long enough for a closer space. And they could have gotten a little exercise in the process. 🙂

    Cherie Miranda
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  5. Dan says:

    Walking is spectacular – can’t live without it – literally and figuratively

  6. Gary, when I go to the store I park at the back of the lot. The funny thing is the cars that were ahead of me are still waiting to park when I get to the door and when I am leaving those are the same cars that have to wait to back out. Most of the time it saves more time and gives me better exercise to park at the end of the lot.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
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    Now go implement!

  7. Kevin Hogan says:

    I am definitely going to get out and do more walking ( and running, while i’m at it) and start taking the stairs more.

    Thanks Gary!

    Mark Hogan
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  8. Annie Born says:

    Love it!
    Please return your trolly for better health!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!
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  9. Thanks for the motivation!


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  10. Rachel says:

    I like the shopping cart idea! That’s an easy way to get a few extra steps in.
    Leadership is a Choice

  11. Gary, I practise what you preach, and try to preach to others, keep up the good work.

    Peter Tamosaitis

  12. Margarita says:

    Walking has even more benefits if we do it outdoors, not only on the treadmill. The beauty of nature is rejuvenates the soul and heals the body.
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  13. Sonya Lenzo says:

    OR…you can sell your car and walk everywhere. I now walk as much as 3 hours a day and hardly notice it…I walk with my business partner and we do creative planning as we walk…we walk with his kids and talk and talk about their school day…I walk by myself and meditate or pray…When I think about how stressful driving used to be compared to walking….I wish more people would try it for just a week!
    Sonya Lenzo

  14. Great post … I lived in New York City and when I moved to the Left (West) Coast I was amazed at the people standing around, staring glassy eyed, at the elevator buttons, waiting … like in a 2 storey building.


  15. Jc MacKenzie says:

    Walking has great stress reducing benefits. I am constantly surprised at how people hate to walk. I go on a two day hiking spree and the looks I get from folks………well, they think I’m a littler nuts.

    Heres to the walk!

    Be Well.

  16. Hi Gary,

    I was just thinking of Dr. Wendy and you this morning as I started my day with a walk in a nearby park here in Southern California. Naturally, I had 1 of my refillable water bottles along with me!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  17. Eva Palmer says:

    Hi Gary!
    For a while I had to force myself to always walk upstairs to my house instead of taking the lift. Nowadays it is just a habit and I am grateful for it because it not only helps myself to feel physically better but also makes me feel less “lazy”.
    Thanks fot the post and the reminding of the trolleys! (It also annoys me when I see that!)

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  18. I like to tell myself I get enough walking at work but I really don’t. I know I feel better when I exercise I just need motivation!

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  19. Bryan says:

    I try and get out and what whenever I can. I park far away and try and take the stairs when possible. More Americans should do this.

    Sales Expert

  20. Neil Dhawan says:

    Great advice about parking further and doing a little extra walking. So sad that we’ve become such a lazy country that we take the elevator or escalator to go up one flight.

    Stay Amazing, Neil

  21. Shane Aric says:

    Awesome Bill Hicks breakdown! I think you got that spot on!

    Good tips we should all walk more… even ride the old bicycle from time to time…especially that it is getting so Nice out!

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  22. Gary, thanks for the obscure yet hip reference. I’m assuming you’re referring to Morris Day & The Time’s song “The Walk”? Walkin’s so cool!

    Great stuff too about the extra walking being good for you when parking and returning grocery carts.
    Wish more people did it.

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  23. Octavio says:

    Do you recoomend any special exercise or supplement for Alzheimer´s patients in their first stage?
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