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Are You Turned On?

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Are you turned on?…electrically speaking, that is…and I’m not refering to Timothy Leary’s, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.” 

The other day we talked about how we are electrical beings and that from time to time we need to “ground” ourselves and release some of the static electricity that is built up in our bodies.  I had a couple of people tell me that this is done all the time throughout most of Europe.  I also had a few people who wanted to see learn more about how our bodies operate on an electrical current.

If you’re one of our readers who would like a visual of the body producing electricity in action then this video is for you.

What you are viewing is a group of  four people holding hands and two of the people are holding “hands” with a Ring Around The Rosie Doll.  On each of the dolls hands is a small metal button.  When both of these buttons are touched with bare skin the doll begins to sing.  You will notice in the video that there are a couple of times that the participants let go of the hand of one of their partners…once they do this the doll stops singing.  Once they hold hands again the doll starts to sing.  The doll sings because of the electricity being produced by each participant. 

Remember, you are an electrical being…do something good for yourself to recharge your batteries…a nice walk around the block in the evening air is always a simple (and free) thing that you can do to bring in more good energy and release the bad. 

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II

Take A Walk On The Grass

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Take A Walk On The Grass

When is the last time that you took off your shoes and yours socks and you walked barefoot on the grass.  If you’re older than twelve I’m guessing it has been quite some time.  It’s funny, when we’re kids, if we see a mud puddle we JUMP right in it.  When we become adults we walk around the mud puddle.  Not only do we walk around the mud puddle…we complain about it! 

Stop complaining.  It’s not really serving you.  Start living.  Get outside and re-connect with our planet.  This isn’t some hippy dippy statement.  We (human beings) are electrical beings.  That’s right, we are electrical beings.  Electricity is constantly flowing through our bodies.   In fact, without electricity you wouldn’t be reading this post right now.  Without electricity running through your body your brain would cease to function. 

Sometimes we need to re-charge.  We need to “ground” ourselves.  One of the ways to do this is by getting outside and walking barefoot on the grass.  While you’re walking (barefoot of course) do some deep breathing – you’ll be accomplishing two things at the same time (there is nothing like multi-tasking when it comes to your health).  Walking barefoot on the grass will “ground” you, literally.  Doing this will help you release built up electrical energy that’s in your body.

As stated above, your entire nervous system is run on electrical energy.  Get walking, ground yourself, do your deep breathing, and make some positive changes in your life.  This doesn’t cost you a dime.  What have you got to lose?

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II

Books Feed Your Head

Friday, April 27th, 2012

It’s true, books really do, “Feed Your Head”.  In 1991 there was an award winning MTV campaign that promoted reading.  It was a revolutionary, ground breaking, and cutting edge style of mixing literature with a short film.  This was when MTV still contained the word “music” in the logo, Tom Freston was the President and CEO of the network, the influence of Bob Pittman was still around, and it offered up value and creativity to viewers.  Unfortunately it seems those days have passed.

Because of this campaign to promote reading I was introduced to the works of Franz Kafka and more importantly the works of Donald Barthelme.  To me, Donald Barthelme is the master of the short story.  I read almost every single day.  I will admit that there are days when I am on vacation that I might miss the opportunity to read in exchange for the opportunity to explore a new city. 

Many years ago, Jim Rohn (author and personal development trainer) said, “If you read one book every month about your industry, in 10 years you’ll have read 120 books. That will put you in the top one percent of your field.”  Mr. Rohn was 100% correct and he was just talking about the lazy way to do it.  I once heard someone say, “Skip a meal, but never skip the opportunity to read.”  If you just invest 20 – 30 minutes a day in yourself, to read, there isn’t any reason that can’t read at least one book a week.  If you were to read one book a week that would mean at the end of year you would have read 52 books.  At this rate you would be in the top one percent in two years instead of 10. 

For myself, I find that reading in a 80/20 ratio works best for me.  Eighty percent of the books that I read are for knowledge and learning.  Twenty percent of the books that I read are for humor, pleasure, and escapism.  I would personally get bored if all I did was read for learning.  I also need to be entertained when I read. 

Please don’t tell me you don’t have enough time to read.  If you really don’t think that you have the time to read…then I suggest that you at least make the time to read, “The 168 Hour Week” by, Dr. Kevin Hogan.



You can find the time to read.  You just have to do it.  I truly believe that reading is a great exercise that you can and should do for your brain everyday to keep it healthy and active.  Think of your brain as muscle…exercise it and make it grow.  The dividends that it will pay you can be huge.

If you’re looking for a new author to read or you want to start reading a new genere of books, then I suggest you take a look at the works of Thorne Smith.  You can find out more about Thorne Smith at the blog and and website created by, Michael Walker at

Grab a book and start reading today.  Remember, “Books Feed Your Head”.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II


Interview With Law Of Attraction Expert Bob Doyle From Wealth Beyond Reason

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Bob Doyle is The Founder & CEO of Boundless Living, Inc. You may know
Bob from his appearances in the popular movie and best-selling book,
“The Secret”. Bob was one of the featured “teachers” in both. Before
“The Secret” was featured on, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, “Larry King
Live, and “Oprah” – Bob had written his own book called, “Wealth Beyond

Bob Doyle - Author & CEO of Boundless Living, Inc.

For years Bob had jumped around from career to career, trying
desperately to find something that provided a solid income for him and
his family, but also tapped into his sense of passion and creativity.
After 4 years at his last corporate job, he literally felt like he was
dying and made the decision to quit his job, give up his salary and
benefits, and create a business of his own.

This proved to be quite a challenging endeavor. Bob was $70,000 in debt
and had started to receive phone calls from creditors. Further, his
various attempts at creating a business that was both fun and profitable
were simply not working. Ironically, the businesses he was trying to
create were focused on helping people to live their lives by design, and
although he could “teach” these concepts, there was clearly simply a
component he was missing, as his own life clearly showed.

It was at this point, he set a new intention for himself. Instead of
putting his attention on “solving his money problems”, he instead
focused on what he truly wanted his life to look like. He created a new
inspiring vision for himself and let go of trying to “figure everything
out”, and instead decided to follow his intution into inspired action.

The dramatic change of approach eventually led him down a path to the
answers he was seeking. As a result of what he learned, he was able to
finally create a business that he loved, and was very lucrative.

Soon, he wrote his first book, “Wealth Beyond Reason“, based on his
Internet program of the same name and built up his Internet presence of to a 6 figure, and eventually a 7-figure income
and now he is helping others live the life of their dreams and own their
own terms, utilizing the same principles that facilitated the change in
his own life.

Here is our interview with Bob Doyle.

Abundant Health Center: Bob, hello. Thank you for taking your time to
speak with us today. A lot of people (I think) get confused by the
title of your book, and of course now it is an entire course, “Wealth
Beyond Reason” – but it’s really more than “material” or “physical”
wealth isn’t it? Would you mind explaining what it means to you and how
you came up with the idea to write this wonderful book?

Bob Doyle: Well, the book of course was based on our Internet curriculum
in the Law of Attraction, also called Wealth Beyond Reason. And
honestly, I wrote the book based on the material in the program because
I needed something physical to give to people at an upcoming speaking
event! I never really ever planned to write the book. It just showed up
as an inspired action to take, and I’ve definitely learned to follow
through when I get a “nudge” to do something like this.

One of the first things we do in the program and the book is help people
to define what “wealth” really means to them. Obviously, our natural
inclination is to associate wealth with the amount of money that we have
– but for the purposes of the work we do, we distill a different
definition of wealth which is, in essence, the ability to do what we
truly want to do, whenever we want to do it.

That may mean you have a lot of money and that financial abundance
facilitates your ability to live the life you want. But many people have
passions or callings that bring them great happiness and fulfillment,
but don’t necessarily require huge bank accounts.

In any case, it’s important for people to get clear on what they truly
do want – what really inspires them in a powerful way – so that they can
understand what “wealth” really means to them.

A.H.C: Was it during the time of writing the book that you started the
Bill Phillips “Body For Life Challenge”?

B.D.: Actually, the Body For Life Challenge came 2 years BEFORE I was
doing any of this work, but it was an key part of my journey, because it
was during this time that I learned a tremendous amount about what drove
people to successful results in ANY area of their lives.

A.H.C.: Isn’t this when you really started helping people achieve their
goals? Because at this time you created a website / forum for people to
come to and participate in their own “body revolution” at correct?

B.D.: Bodychangers was the result of following my newly discovered
passion for fitness – and moreover, what were the keys to success in
taking on a physique transformation. After all many more people TRY to
change their bodies dramatically than actually succeed. Bodychangers was
a study in what the successful people did. After a while I began to see
patterns among the most successful that transcended simply the diet and
exercise program they chose.

The most successful and inspiring stories on the Bodychangers web site
came from people who had an extremely powerful “WHY” with regards to
their reasons for taking on the transformation. I saw that when people
got clear that being more physically fit was going to to help them live
the lives they truly wanted – to allow them to truly be the best and
most powerful version of themselves possible – their results far
outweighed those who took on an exercise program to simply have their
jeans fit better or something similar.

A.H.C.: So, not only were you working on your body with the Bill
Phillips Challenge, but you were also learning more about personal
development in general. How did your work with BodyChangers eventually
evolve into the work you do now with Boundless Living?

B.D.: After about 2 years of interviewing around 150 people about their
physique transformation stories, I was starting to feel myself burn out
a little. I was feeling that there were common themes among the
interviews and that even if I never did another interview, the site
would still be able to help people the way I intended it to.

At the same time, I felt called to expand what I was teaching outside of
simply the fitness area – because what I learned from all those
interviews was the importance of getting clear on what inspires you –
what you’re passionate about – and who you truly want to be. It was
during that time that the name “Boundless Living” popped into my mind,
and I knew then that I wanted to start making a difference for their
lives as a whole.

When I finally had the “ah-ha” moments in my own life as to why things
weren’t working, and as a result created the Wealth Beyond Reason
program, I knew it was time to bring my work with BodyChangers to a
close and focus my attention on my work with the Law of Attraction and
following ones passion.

A.H.C.: What are some of the books that were the biggest influencers on

B.D.: The book that turned it all around for me was David Cameron
Gikandi’s “A Happy Pocketful of Money“. It’s an amazing study of how our
lives in this Universe work, and discusses the principle of “wealth
consciousness” (something I was definitely struggling with prior to
reading the book.)

I was able to gain an understanding of the power of our thoughts and
beliefs on a quantum level and that made all the difference for me.

Another book which I read YEARS prior that opened my mind to all kinds
of possibilities was Richard Bach’s “Illusions“.  In my mind that’s
must-reading for every human.

A.H.C.: Bob, you work with people from all types of different
socioeconomic backgrounds, in fact, you work with clients from different
parts of the world…what are some of the common denominators that you
find are holding people back from what they want to have (and what they
can have) in life?

B.D.: For the most part, it all boils down to the limiting beliefs we
have. These beliefs come from all sources: parents, friends, society,
television…the list goes on and on. Different cultures have their own
sets of beliefs of course, but wherever there is a belief in limitation
that is passed down to us, it creates something called “resistance” in
us as humans. This resistance is real energy that has an impact on what
we can experience in our lives. The scientific aspect of this
conversation gets a little deep, but suffice it to say that if we want
to attract anything in our lives – be it money, a healthy body, or a
great relationship – our belief system has to be in alignment with
having that or we will always run into problems realizing our goals in
these areas. This is actually what most of my work is about.

A.H.C.: What are three key things that people should know if they want
to transition out of the daily grind of a corporate job and start a
business of their own?

B.D.: First, they have to get super clear on what they want to do and
WHY they want to do it…and that reason should go beyond just “making
money.” They need to identify how, through this business, they are going
to creatively express themselves and their passions…as this is the
best way to assure they bring their most powerful and focused energy
into their work.

Secondly, they need to start recognizing what limiting beliefs they
might have lurking under the surface as it pertains to success in
whatever business they take on. Some of these beliefs may be very
obvious such as “I don’t know anything about running a business”, but
other beliefs run a lot deeper and may take a different kind of “work”
to deal with. Again, that’s what I help people do every day. It’s
absolutely essential.

Finally, they’ve got to be committed to taking constant inspired action.
This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to “work hard” (though it may
look from the outside that they ARE working hard.) It means that they
learn to follow their own intuitive nudges in terms of what action to
take when. If you’ve never done this before, it can take some practice,
but learning to trust and follow your intuition is what makes any
endeavor fun and seemingly effortless.

A.H.C.: Where can our readers find out more about you, the work that
you do, and the coaching that you offer?

B.D.:  Virtually everything I know I put into the Wealth Beyond Reason
program, which can be found at, but we
also have smaller programs that address certain aspects of “living your
life by design” that can be found at – I
also post regular updates on Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube.

A.H.C.: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

B.D.: Human beings have enormous creative potential. However, we’ve
learned far more limitation that possibility. However the limitation
we’ve learned to a great degree is an illusion that seems real because
of the impact those limiting beliefs on our ability to “attract” the
experiences in our lives that would make us feel more powerful. You can
do yourself no greater service that to take the time to decide what you
truly want your life to be, learn a bit about the energetic nature of
the Universe and your role in it, and commit to taking consistent
inspired action in the direction of your most inspired dreams.

A.H.C.: Bob, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

B.D.: Totally my pleasure.

Motivation – It’s An Internal Game

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

What are are the recurring thoughts that are occuring in the space between your ears?  Are your thoughts usually ones of doom and gloom?  We’ve all heard it said before, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”.  What if each day you started off your morning like little Jessica in this video…how different would your day be? 

Take the time to start each new day with better thoughts…the changes can be powerful.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II