Books Feed Your Head

It’s true, books really do, “Feed Your Head”.  In 1991 there was an award winning MTV campaign that promoted reading.  It was a revolutionary, ground breaking, and cutting edge style of mixing literature with a short film.  This was when MTV still contained the word “music” in the logo, Tom Freston was the President and CEO of the network, the influence of Bob Pittman was still around, and it offered up value and creativity to viewers.  Unfortunately it seems those days have passed.

Because of this campaign to promote reading I was introduced to the works of Franz Kafka and more importantly the works of Donald Barthelme.  To me, Donald Barthelme is the master of the short story.  I read almost every single day.  I will admit that there are days when I am on vacation that I might miss the opportunity to read in exchange for the opportunity to explore a new city. 

Many years ago, Jim Rohn (author and personal development trainer) said, “If you read one book every month about your industry, in 10 years you’ll have read 120 books. That will put you in the top one percent of your field.”  Mr. Rohn was 100% correct and he was just talking about the lazy way to do it.  I once heard someone say, “Skip a meal, but never skip the opportunity to read.”  If you just invest 20 – 30 minutes a day in yourself, to read, there isn’t any reason that can’t read at least one book a week.  If you were to read one book a week that would mean at the end of year you would have read 52 books.  At this rate you would be in the top one percent in two years instead of 10. 

For myself, I find that reading in a 80/20 ratio works best for me.  Eighty percent of the books that I read are for knowledge and learning.  Twenty percent of the books that I read are for humor, pleasure, and escapism.  I would personally get bored if all I did was read for learning.  I also need to be entertained when I read. 

Please don’t tell me you don’t have enough time to read.  If you really don’t think that you have the time to read…then I suggest that you at least make the time to read, “The 168 Hour Week” by, Dr. Kevin Hogan.



You can find the time to read.  You just have to do it.  I truly believe that reading is a great exercise that you can and should do for your brain everyday to keep it healthy and active.  Think of your brain as muscle…exercise it and make it grow.  The dividends that it will pay you can be huge.

If you’re looking for a new author to read or you want to start reading a new genere of books, then I suggest you take a look at the works of Thorne Smith.  You can find out more about Thorne Smith at the blog and and website created by, Michael Walker at

Grab a book and start reading today.  Remember, “Books Feed Your Head”.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II


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26 Responses to “Books Feed Your Head”

  1. Shane Aric says:

    Great Suggestions! And of course you know I already love Thorne Smith.

    Donald Barthelme excellent I will give it a try… Short stories are great reads for getting my mind around writing a sales letter! And beneficial to writing lyrics as well!

    Bands Clubs Bars Gigs

  2. Ah … Franz Kafka – the early Rod Serling … yes read, then read some more.

  3. One of my favorite books is UnMarketing by Scott Stratten. His book is a must read for any small business owner trying to figure out the new rules of marketing. 🙂

  4. Bryan says:

    I am a crazy book lover…Amazon must love me….

    Sales Expert

  5. Dan says:

    music on MTV – what an outlandish concept!

  6. Dr Dave says:

    “Born to Run” is both instructive and escapist. An amazing book. Now I am on “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahnman. It’s a mind blowing book about the way your brain processes information shaping your choices and your reality. Thanks for the blog post, Grear Job!!!

  7. Books are and have always been a personal passion, maybe even obsession. Needless to say, I have a very nice library.

    I LOVE reading quality fiction, but I don’t do enough of it anymore. You’d think that an English major like me wouldn’t stop reading great literature! Your post has inspired me to commit to reading more for pleasure.

    Cherie Miranda
    Meditation for Caregivers

  8. I love to read and have a pile of books on the table to read in the next few weeks.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Body language of nervousness
    Now go implement!

  9. Octavio says:

    Do you still prefer to buy paper books instead of ebooks or kindle? Which advantage still prevail?
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  10. Octavio says:

    One more question about 168 Hour Wook that you recommend. Is it better or more clear than 4-hour book from Tim Ferris?
    Lapices Bic

  11. Be Happy Now says:

    Some of my favorite books on health and fitness are written by, Pavel Tsatsouline.

    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy
    Kettlebells, Chiropractic, and Back Pain

  12. I am a total book worm! Thanks for the recommendation.
    Should Your Elderly Parents Continue to Drive?

  13. Jake says:

    Here is my secret: No social media = lots of time to read! I think even the pleasure reading is learning.

  14. Hi Gary,

    I love reading as well. I coined the word, “Bibliovore,” to connote how much I enjoy reading and chewing on a good book to read. I like the point Jim Rohn makes about reading books within your industry and making the priority point to stay current and even cutting edge.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
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  15. Annie @ Care for the Caregiver says:

    Books feed your head love it!
    When I stopped reading books because I was so busy caregiving, I went into the black hole of depression.
    Again Great post!
    Looking forward to tomorrow 
    Do you suffer from caregiver stress?

  16. Eva Palmer says:

    I love reading too. I did not read too much after I finnished my university. But this year something happened and I am reading everything I find!
    I haven’t read the 168 hr week 🙁 This year I will!

    Dejar de fumar sin Ansiedad y sin Engordar

  17. Sabrina says:

    I agree that reading books related to your field is very beneficial. I tend to read magazines related to my field as opposed to books. Most fitness and diet books don’t really lend themselves to learning quickly and I find them really boring whereas I find magazines extremely useful.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Fat Loss and Fitness 101

  18. My largest monthly expense … overall … is books.

  19. Jc MacKenzie says:

    168 hour… of my favorite books.
    Good post.
    Be Well.

  20. I have already read The 168 hour week. I might have to read it again – a lot of life changing information. I am considering reading Franz Kafka, because it has been more than 20 years. Thank you for the recommendations. I always read 3 or 4 books and when I drive I listen to audio books.

    Body Language: Truthful Feet

  21. Sonya Lenzo says:

    Interestingly enough, I went to a book sale in San Ramon today. I bought all the books that I could carry. I agree, books feed your head and your soul.
    Sonya Lenzo

  22. I have a lot of books I need to get done reading. I have like 30 Christian classics I still need to get done with. Don’t know when I can get them all done. :0

  23. Tiffany says:

    I believe everyone should have their own personal library. Thanks for the post!!

  24. Keep up the great posts!!!
    Many thanks,

  25. Thanks for the Thorne Smith recommendation as well as mentioning my site devoted to him. That was so very kind of you. Haven’t read Kafka in many years, and now will have to go try some Donald Barthelme based on your recommendation. Thanks!

    Topper movies

  26. 168 hour week is the opposite to Tim Ferris 4-hour work week. Eventhoguh I would love Ferris approach would work I really doubt it. Thanks
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