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Dr. Noah Mckay Teaches, “The Breath Of Fire”

Friday, April 13th, 2012

A couple of people expressed interest in learning more about, “The Breath Of Fire”.  Here is a short video of Dr. Noah teaching the technique.  Just click on the link below.

Dr. Noah Mckay Teaches “The Breath Of Fire”

Dr. Noah McKay, M.D.
As Scott Sylvan Bell from would say, “Now Go Implement!”
Yours In Health!
G.E. Moon II

12 Ways To Start Improving Your Health And Life

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

12 Ways To Start Improving Your Health & Life

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to share with you 12 simple steps that you can easily and quickly implement in your daily life to make huge changes in your health.

Here are the topics we will be discussing. I’m excited to share them with you.

1. Drink Pure Water

2. Eat More Live Food

3. Practice Deep Breathing

4. Get Up, Stretch, Walk, & Get Moving

5. Stop Letting Your Television Run Your Life

6. Get Rid Of The Clutter

7. Start Relaxing

8. Learn How To Express Yourself

9. Start Helping Others

10. Start Laughing More

11. Start Listening To Yourself

12. Surround Yourself With Good Friends


13. Let Music Be Your “Medicine”

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II