The 7 Steps To Amazing Health

May 9th, 2012

We are excited to announce that Dr. Wendy Schauer, D.C., the author of, “The 7 Steps To Amazing Health” will be a featured guest today for Jim Edwards from 7 Day eBook and I Gotta Tell You.  Jim will be interviewing Wendy on her book and how she came to write it. 

As soon as the interview is available we will be sure to post it here.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II


Laugh More

May 6th, 2012

I remember reading some years ago that children laugh somewhere around 300 – 400 times a day.  In the same article it said that adults laugh as little as 15 times a day.  Wow, that is a huge difference.  To me it is sad statement that as we grow older we “lose” (or maybe we stifle) our ability to laugh.  Me, I love to laugh.  I don’t think that I am quite up to 300 laughs a day…but I get in about 100 a day.  I believe that laughter is beneficial and extremely healing.  I believe that it can be very therapeutic…not only for yourself, but those around you.

Dr. Richard Schulze said in an interview once that he encouraged his patients to learn 1,000 jokes as part of their healing process.  While you might think this to be a tedious and unneccesary task to learn so many jokes, why not instead think of the laughter his patients got from taking on the assignment.  While learning 1,000 jokes do you think their minds were focused on their illness or on laughter?  I’m guessing that they were focused on laughing. 

In his groundbreaking book, “Anatomy Of An Illness”, Norman Cousins describes how he started watching “The 3 Stooges” on a daily basis to “activate” his sense of humor and “regain” his laugh. 

There is power in laughter.  I encourage you to laugh more every day.  I encourage you to make those around you laugh whenever you can.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II



Are You Turned On?

April 30th, 2012

Are you turned on?…electrically speaking, that is…and I’m not refering to Timothy Leary’s, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.” 

The other day we talked about how we are electrical beings and that from time to time we need to “ground” ourselves and release some of the static electricity that is built up in our bodies.  I had a couple of people tell me that this is done all the time throughout most of Europe.  I also had a few people who wanted to see learn more about how our bodies operate on an electrical current.

If you’re one of our readers who would like a visual of the body producing electricity in action then this video is for you.

What you are viewing is a group of  four people holding hands and two of the people are holding “hands” with a Ring Around The Rosie Doll.  On each of the dolls hands is a small metal button.  When both of these buttons are touched with bare skin the doll begins to sing.  You will notice in the video that there are a couple of times that the participants let go of the hand of one of their partners…once they do this the doll stops singing.  Once they hold hands again the doll starts to sing.  The doll sings because of the electricity being produced by each participant. 

Remember, you are an electrical being…do something good for yourself to recharge your batteries…a nice walk around the block in the evening air is always a simple (and free) thing that you can do to bring in more good energy and release the bad. 

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II

Take A Walk On The Grass

April 28th, 2012

Take A Walk On The Grass

When is the last time that you took off your shoes and yours socks and you walked barefoot on the grass.  If you’re older than twelve I’m guessing it has been quite some time.  It’s funny, when we’re kids, if we see a mud puddle we JUMP right in it.  When we become adults we walk around the mud puddle.  Not only do we walk around the mud puddle…we complain about it! 

Stop complaining.  It’s not really serving you.  Start living.  Get outside and re-connect with our planet.  This isn’t some hippy dippy statement.  We (human beings) are electrical beings.  That’s right, we are electrical beings.  Electricity is constantly flowing through our bodies.   In fact, without electricity you wouldn’t be reading this post right now.  Without electricity running through your body your brain would cease to function. 

Sometimes we need to re-charge.  We need to “ground” ourselves.  One of the ways to do this is by getting outside and walking barefoot on the grass.  While you’re walking (barefoot of course) do some deep breathing – you’ll be accomplishing two things at the same time (there is nothing like multi-tasking when it comes to your health).  Walking barefoot on the grass will “ground” you, literally.  Doing this will help you release built up electrical energy that’s in your body.

As stated above, your entire nervous system is run on electrical energy.  Get walking, ground yourself, do your deep breathing, and make some positive changes in your life.  This doesn’t cost you a dime.  What have you got to lose?

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II

Books Feed Your Head

April 27th, 2012

It’s true, books really do, “Feed Your Head”.  In 1991 there was an award winning MTV campaign that promoted reading.  It was a revolutionary, ground breaking, and cutting edge style of mixing literature with a short film.  This was when MTV still contained the word “music” in the logo, Tom Freston was the President and CEO of the network, the influence of Bob Pittman was still around, and it offered up value and creativity to viewers.  Unfortunately it seems those days have passed.

Because of this campaign to promote reading I was introduced to the works of Franz Kafka and more importantly the works of Donald Barthelme.  To me, Donald Barthelme is the master of the short story.  I read almost every single day.  I will admit that there are days when I am on vacation that I might miss the opportunity to read in exchange for the opportunity to explore a new city. 

Many years ago, Jim Rohn (author and personal development trainer) said, “If you read one book every month about your industry, in 10 years you’ll have read 120 books. That will put you in the top one percent of your field.”  Mr. Rohn was 100% correct and he was just talking about the lazy way to do it.  I once heard someone say, “Skip a meal, but never skip the opportunity to read.”  If you just invest 20 – 30 minutes a day in yourself, to read, there isn’t any reason that can’t read at least one book a week.  If you were to read one book a week that would mean at the end of year you would have read 52 books.  At this rate you would be in the top one percent in two years instead of 10. 

For myself, I find that reading in a 80/20 ratio works best for me.  Eighty percent of the books that I read are for knowledge and learning.  Twenty percent of the books that I read are for humor, pleasure, and escapism.  I would personally get bored if all I did was read for learning.  I also need to be entertained when I read. 

Please don’t tell me you don’t have enough time to read.  If you really don’t think that you have the time to read…then I suggest that you at least make the time to read, “The 168 Hour Week” by, Dr. Kevin Hogan.



You can find the time to read.  You just have to do it.  I truly believe that reading is a great exercise that you can and should do for your brain everyday to keep it healthy and active.  Think of your brain as muscle…exercise it and make it grow.  The dividends that it will pay you can be huge.

If you’re looking for a new author to read or you want to start reading a new genere of books, then I suggest you take a look at the works of Thorne Smith.  You can find out more about Thorne Smith at the blog and and website created by, Michael Walker at

Grab a book and start reading today.  Remember, “Books Feed Your Head”.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II