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How “Pure” Are Your Enzymes?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010


How pure are your products?  What about allergens?

Enzyme Research Products (the only enzyme product line that we carry at Abundant Health Center, LLC) uses only the highest quality pure pharmaceutical enzymes.  All of the  ingredients in the Enzyme Research formulas are rigorously tested by our encapsulator for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.  This story will give you an idea of the integrity of the owner of Enzyme Research Products – Dr. Lori Halquist – Dr. Lori sent over a new formula to be made up by the encapsulator.  The encapsulator called her and said there was one ingredient for which he could not find a source pure enough that would satisfy him.  That ingredient was left out of the product.

Most of our products do not contain any allergens.  Here are the ones that do:

  • ProdophilusFOS has traces of milk products.  In this case, the probiotics are grown on a dairy-based culture and then centrifuged to separate the culture from the probitotics that go in the bottle.


  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM contains shellfish.  Glucosamine is made from shellfish, but there is no evidence that it contains shellfish proteins which are usually responsible for causing allergy symptoms. There is a vegetarian form of glucosamine which has less efficacy. Anyone with a shellfish allergy would want to check with their health care professional.


  • Vitazyme –according to FDA standards the following allergens must be listed, though they are not all an issue as we understand it: wheat, soy, dairy and shellfish. The wheat in the formula is from wheatgrass which does not contain gluten or gliadin and should not cause any problems.  The soy is from the Betatene (vitamin A), the Vitamin E, manganese, molybdenum and selenium.  The Betatene and Vitamin E are allergen exempted because the soy is there at the start of manufacturing, but becomes a non-issue by the end.  The three minerals are chelates which do contain soy. The dairy is used as a carrying agent in the Acerola Extract.  The shellfish is in the glucosamine (see above explanation).


  • NattokinasePlus contains soy. The soy is fermented to grow the enzyme.  The enzyme is separated from the growth medium at the end and should not be a problem.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II