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7 Steps To Amazing Health Ebook

7 Steps To Amazing Health Ebook

In The 7 Steps To Amazing Health you will learn the following...

Breathing: What's the difference between chest breathing and belly breathing? Learn how to breathe properly and discover the difference deep breathing will make in your overall mental and physical health.

Water: Learn how dehydration affects all of your bodily functions including digestion, muscle action, and cellular metabolism. Learn about alkalizing your water. Discover what everyone needs to know about the balance of water and sodium...it s not what you think.

Nutrition: Learn to listen to your body (how you feel when you eat dictates to you very important information about adjustments you need to make). Learn why you need RAW vegetables. Learn what everyone needs to know about white flour, sugar, pasta, baked goods, and processed foods. Find out what a Candida cleanse is and why you probably need one. Learn about getting alkalized, using fish oil supplements, pro-biotic supplements, and much more.

Spinal Hygiene and Nerve Function: Find out how to have all 24 segments of your spine moving in all planes of motion, how to avoid spinal misalignments and control the three stresses that cause them, keep your fight or flight hormones in check. And learn what EVERYONE needs to know about Chiropractic care.

Exercise: Learn what exercise will do for your blood pressure, immune function, blood sugar, and digestion. Find out what kind of exercise releases growth hormone. And learn how to keep your joints well oiled.

Sleep and Rest: Learn what your lack of sleep is doing to your immune system, weight, and mood. Coming out of the fog... Discover simple techniques to improve the quantity and quality of sleep that you re getting. Find out about sleep apnea and nasal obstructions that affect sleep. The information in this chapter alone is worth it s weight in gold!

Positive Mental Attitude: Realize your future is completely under your control, including your job, your partner, your income. Learn about journals, how and why to use them. Discover blessings that you did NOT know you had and how focusing on these blessings can change your life. Find out what you need to know about hypnotherapy, EMDR and EFT.

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